Mixed-signal technology

Experience really counts in mixed-signal design and, with over 25 years’ experience, our highly skilled and highly experienced team of designers and engineers is able to produce some of the world’s most advanced mixed-signal devices.

Our product development model, which enjoys significant R&D investment, successfully anticipates customer demand to deliver an on-going stream of new products into the marketplace: a process that creates significant intellectual property (IP) which continually strengthens our product portfolio. Our design teams are constantly developing more powerful, more flexible products to meet the demands of our market-leading customer base. Wolfson has evolved from developing discrete mixed-signal (predominantly analogue) devices to complex and hard-to-replicated HD Audio System on Chips (SoCs), which encompass leading-edge audio analogue IP, digital processing and sound processing software algorithms.

Innovation is the key to success in the consumer electronics industry as the world’s leading electronics companies develop increasingly powerful and sophisticated technology. In all consumer electronics sectors, the pressure is on designers to increase feature integration and performance, while reducing product cost and size, and extending battery life.

Wolfson has evolved from selling low value commodity devices to partnering with customers to design in high value, often multi-part, HD Audio solutions and influencing their end product architectures and the features they deliver to consumers. Wolfson's strategy is to work directly with the Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), adding value and differentiating their end products. Whether they are already a world leader in the digital consumer market or an emerging start-up with a great new application idea, Wolfson technology can help OEMs get the most out of their designs.