Our Growth Strategy

Wolfson has a world-renowned brand for audio technology and this will continue to be the foundation of our business. We are a company with a passion for audio and over 20 years of experience in delivering mixed-signal expertise to our customers. We intend to continuously innovate to be at the forefront and catch the wave of each new application and technology, and to focus on nascent and ramping markets, characterised by feature differentiation and their potential for high unit volume.

A critical aspect of Wolfson's capability is its ability to anticipate market needs and deliver innovative audio solutions which meet these needs. We invest heavily in new product and software development each year to retain our technology leadership.

Wolfson's innovative audio solutions sit at the interface between the digital and real world, enabling new and exciting experiences that differentiate our customers' products. With consumer expectations for multimedia performance rising inexorably, manufacturers must strive to differentiate their products at that point of user interface. With its world-renowned reputation for delivering high performance audio solutions, Wolfson offers a proven path to that essential differentiation.

In 2009, Wolfson embarked on a new strategy to take the lead in Audio Hubs, noise cancelling, sound processing and in integrated Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS) microphones. This was to exploit three technology transitions:

  • The dis-integration of the audio function from central processors in consumer electronics products to standalone devices like Wolfson's Audio Hubs
  • The emergence of noise cancelling and sound processing as key features in smart mobile devices
  • The replacement in consumer electronic devices of traditional Electret Condensing Microphones (ECM) with MEMS technology microphones and the emergence of multi-microphone applications to support complex sound processing and noise cancelling features

Since then, we have seen these technology transitions become fully validated in the market. Wolfson now leads in Audio Hubs, some of which have become full Audio Systems-on-a-Chip(s) (SoCs) with on-board Digital Signal Processors for advanced noise cancelling/reduction and sound processing. During 2011, we launched the world's first Audio SoC, and in 2012, we launched the world's first quad core Audio SoC, and both current and prospective customers have reacted positively and quickly to these technologies. Wolfson's Audio Hub technology is first being deployed in the mobile market, but the functionality is also fast being considered across the company's other target applications such as televisions, set-top boxes, gaming consoles and digital still cameras.

Wolfson's MEMS microphone technology is now shipping in high volume, and the first fully integrated MEMS microphone has been designed and fabricated and is sampling at many leading brand OEMs.

These advances have involved much change, new intellectual property, new process nodes (smaller geometries), new tools, new systems, new software and software tools, new suppliers and innovations in our supply chain, new customer engagements and new support requirements.

Innovating fast, effectively implementing new technologies and processes, supplying quality product on time, supporting and engaging with customers, addressing new markets, winning design-ins and meeting customers' expectations takes a great deal of effort, talent, dedication and hard work from all of the Wolfson team around the world.