Supply Chain

Wolfson's fabless business model means it outsources all manufacturing requirements to silicon wafer foundries and assembly/test houses. This delivers three distinct benefits:

  • Wolfson can stay focussed on its design and development strengths
  • Fixed costs and capital expenditure are kept low
  • It provides a highly scalable production capability

In addition, to ensure competitive costs and continuity of supply, Wolfson adopts a multiple vendor model for every stage of the manufacturing process. Wafer fabrication is outsourced to GlobalFoundries in Singapore, Magnachip in South Korea, TSMC and UMC in Taiwan, and X-FAB in Germany. Most assembly and testing of products is carried out by Amkor, ASE, Unisem and SPIL. Wolfson's distribution hubs in Hong Kong and Malaysia ensure an efficient supply chain and high customer responsiveness. Wolfson sells products directly to many OEM customers as well as through independent distributors. In 2011, Wolfson opened a new office in Taiwan and recruited a local supply chain support team. These supply chain improvements have enabled Wolfson to reduce cycle times and improve quality and cost competitiveness that customers demand.

To optimise the manufacturing operation and ensure it is cost competitive, Wolfson continuously reviews its supply chain and, in 2012, the Company re-engineered its supply chain to deliver supply chain excellence and industry benchmark performance in:

  • Exceptional customer quality
  • Reduced cycle times to create improved customer flexibility
  • Volume scale to meet the capacity requirements of customers
  • Dual sourcing capability to ensure continuity of supply
  • Cost through advanced leading-edge technology innovation across the portfolio