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Imaging ADCs

Imaging ADCs are analogue front-end (AFE) and digitiser integrated circuits capable of processing and digitising the analogue output signals from sensors such as light or contact.

Printers and Scanners

Wolfson's range of single and multi-channel analogue front end (AFE) ICs is perfectly designed to enable ultimate performance in inkjet and laserjet multi-functional printers (MFPs) whether using CCD or CIS sensors.

Our parts' small package and excellent thermal performance enables simple small-footprint placement, even when mounted directly onto scan modules. Integrated sensor timing generation and LED driver options minimise the number of clock and control lines which need to be laid out. LVDS outputs minimise EMI from data lines allowing greater layout flexibility.

Wolfson's AFE solutions bring the potential of accurate, high-speed scanning to users while also providing you with true design flexibility, small footprint packages, great thermal ratings, and excellent EMI performance.