Wolfson’s new Ez2 software suite supports the four HD Audio solutions categories: HD Audio Voice, HD Audio Playback, HD Audio Capture and HD Audio Share, which uniquely combine to provide a complete ‘mouth-to-ear’ audio experience, dramatically improving the user audio experience in mobile applications.

HD Audio Voice features advanced noise cancelling techniques, found in Ez2 hear™ and, for handsets specifically, Ez2 hear™ Rx ANC, to enable exceptionally crisp and clear voice calls in any environment; HD Audio Playback includes many sound enhancement features, for example 5.1 Virtual Surround Sound, base and treble boost, to allow music to be enjoyed at the highest quality in any environment with Ez2 listen™ and, for earphones & headsets specifically, Ez2 listen™ ANC; HD Audio Capture enables voice and gesture control of smart devices using Ez2 control™ and hi-fi audio recording with Ez2 record™ on mobile devices in all environments, for example, at home, outside and even in a noisy venue like a club or concert; and HD Audio Share enables mobile phones, tablet computers, personal computers or televisions to be used in speaker mode for calls in a large conference room or living room with multiple people using Ez2 grouptalk™.

To support customers integrating Ez2 products in their own products, Wolfson also provides WISCE™, our advanced in-house tool for evaluating, developing with & debugging applications on Wolfson devices, and software drivers for other products including Linux and Windows devices.