Wolfson Solutions

Delivering unrivalled High Definition (HD) Audio

For almost 30 years, Wolfson has brought the best high-end audio technology to consumer devices. Consumer demand for new technology is increasing, and subsequent use cases are becoming ever more complex.

Over the years, Wolfson has transformed from a component company offering individual integrated circuit products, to become an audio solutions partner of choice, working closely with customers to deliver HD Audio solutions, enabling them to differentiate their products and, in turn, enhance the consumer audio experience.

What is a Wolfson HD Audio solution?

Wolfson’s unique HD Audio solutions offer an unrivalled mix of hardware, software and expertise, to deliver the best possible audio experience in the home or on the move whilst reducing costs and time-to-market for customers. With its HD Audio solutions, Wolfson has uniquely established a complete ‘mouth-to-ear’ solution, managing the audio signal path from the microphone to the speaker or headphone driver, enabling best-in-class audio performance, and delivering one of the most complete and comprehensive HD Audio solutions on the market.

Wolfson’s HD Audio solutions combine to provide four consumer audio experiences: