Partner Programme

Building on Wolfson’s ultra-low power silicon hardware platforms, the Company has partnered with several world-leading companies to expand Wolfson’s audio solutions and offer customers a variety of different options to differentiate their products across the tiers.



Audyssey Laboratories Inc.

Wolfson has partnered with Audyssey Laboratories Inc. to greatly improve audio recordings on mobile devices. 

Audyssey’s AudioFrame™ advanced audio recording technology is now available on Wolfson’s low-power Audio Hub product portfolio, including the WM8280 Audio Hub solution. With AudioFrame™, the recorded audio signal dynamically adjusts to match the video zoom, focusing on the action within the frame and filtering out superfluous, unrelated sounds and noise. The result is a recording where the audio perfectly matches the video. Unlike traditional beamforming methods that require four to eight microphones to be effective, AudioFrame™ enables exceptional recording performance with just two microphones.

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ComHear Inc., an audio processing and wearables company, have partnered with Wolfson to deliver wonderfully rich and clear audio experiences for the wearable consumer audio space. They have integrated ComHear’s Kinetic Audio Processing (KAP™) software onto Wolfson’s WM8280 Audio Hub solution with ambient noise cancellation (ANC), providing an especially powerful solution for headset designs.

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 Elliptic Labs

Elliptic Labs

Wolfson has partnered with Elliptic Labs, a leader in ultrasonic touchless gesturing for consumer electronics devices, to port its ultrasonic gesture control solution onto Wolfson’s ADSP platform, designed for smartphones and tablets.

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Fortemedia’s ForteVoice™ software is now available on Wolfson’s ADSP platform, the lowest power high definition (HD) Audio Hub solution on the market.

Wolfson’s partnership with Fortemedia brings innovative new experiences to smartphone and tablet manufacturers and users, utilising Fortemedia’s advanced multi-microphone voice processing technology.

Increasingly, consumers are using their devices in hands-free, or speakerphone mode in noisy environments, and Fortemedia delivers industry-leading performance in such circumstances, using two or more concurrent microphones. This technology enables seamless voice communication in many challenging real life situations, suppressing external noise to enable natural voice call conversations, whether the user is in a car, a busy street or a crowded restaurant.

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Incube Solutions

Incube Solutions

Wolfson has selected Incube Solutions Pvt. Ltd., a leading systems design company, as a design services partner for audio solutions integration. Through this agreement, Incube Solutions will provide turnkey services to Wolfson’s customers and partners including porting, optimisation and integration of software audio technologies for the consumer electronics and mobile device markets.

Wolfson’s professional services partners, including Incube Solutions, assist customers to successfully integrate software from Wolfson, Wolfson’s customers or other third parties onto Wolfson’s hardware platforms, such as the WM8280 Audio Hub solution with integrated audio digital signal processor (ADSP), designed for smartphones, tablets and other portable audio devices. Wolfson’s audio solutions are application processor agnostic, so can be used by original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) across all product platforms.

Incube Solutions is a high technology, knowledge-driven company providing complete platform design solutions for Embedded Systems, related software and applications development to global customers catering to consumer electronics, multimedia-centric systems, wearable devices, mobile and computing platforms. Backed by a 150+ strong team, the company is significantly involved in the development of leading-edge solutions encompassing multimedia technologies in audio, speech and video, parallel processing architectures, multi-core subsystems, new generation application processing SoCs, and custom mobile platforms catering to the demanding needs of its high-technology customer companies, enabling solutions in the domains of graphics & gaming, healthcare, broadcasting and ultra-mobile computing.

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Malaspina Labs

Malaspina Labs

Wolfson has partnered with Malaspina Labs Inc., a leading audio processing technology company, to integrate Malaspina Labs’ VoiceBoost™ ‘always listening’ Voice Activation solution onto Wolfson’s WM5102S Audio Hub product  for mobile devices. This solution enables the user to ‘wake’ a device from a low power state by speaking an OEM-defined or user-defined trigger phrase, without the need for physical interaction with the phone, such as button presses or typing.

In addition to this, Malaspina Labs’ VoiceBoost™ suite of phonetic speech enhancement technologies are to be available on Wolfson’s WM5102S Audio Hub solution for mobile devices, helping to improve voice recognition effectiveness and accuracy, and deliver an enhanced hands-free voice calling experience, even in noisy environments.

Malaspina Labs offers speech enhancement software for ultra-low power devices which improves person-to-person and person-to-device voice communication in high-noise environments.  Malaspina Labs' VoiceBoost™ solutions provide single-microphone and multi-microphone rotation & orientation robust speech isolation that is effective at handset, speakerphone and arm's length distances and beyond.  VoiceBoost™ solutions operate deterministically at bone-conduction, telecom, and voice interface latencies within the constraints of milliwatt-class processors designed for mobile, embedded, medical and consumer devices.

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NXP Software

NXP Software

NXP Software’s LifeVibes™ VoiceExperience 4.0 technology is now available on Wolfson’s WM8280 Audio Hub, using Wolfson’s industry-leading Audio Digital Signal Processor (ADSP) platform, offering a solution for mobile devices that provides natural speech for any calling use cases, including speakerphone calls, even in the noisiest environments.

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Wolfson has partnered with Sensory, a leader in speech technology for consumer products, which has provided its TrulyHandsfree™ Voice Control solution for Wolfson’s Ez2 control™ software feature to deliver “always on” voice control for smartphones and other devices at ultra-low power, removing the need for physical button-push activation as required in current voice control applications.

This solution is fully compatible with the Android Operating System to ensure there is no loss of functionality while working at ultra-low power. Wolfson’s Ez2 control™ software feature supports over 40 country languages, and could be adopted, along with Sensory’s TrulyHandsfree™ solution, by any original equipment manufacturer (OEM) looking to integrate sophisticated voice control features into devices. Crucially, it could prove far quicker and easier to integrate than a button-activated system, such as voice-activated controls in vehicles.

Traditionally, power consumption has been a barrier to complete hands-free voice control applications because ‘always on’ solutions were unfeasible, due to the high current drain from the battery by the application processor. However, Wolfson’s Ez2 control™ requires five times less power to run than existing market solutions. This makes it suitable to keep running in the background, always listening and waiting for a pre-programmed trigger word that will launch the full application and enable complete voice control functionality without any physical interaction.

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Symphony Teleca

Symphony Teleca

Wolfson has selected Symphony Teleca Corporation (STC), a global innovation and development services company, as a software professional services partner. Through this agreement, STC is providing turnkey services for integration, porting and optimisation of software features and audio solutions in Wolfson’s audio products, such as the WM8280 Audio Hub, for the consumer electronics and mobile device markets.

The partnership between Wolfson and STC enables software from Wolfson, Wolfson’s customers or other third-parties to be successfully ported onto Wolfson’s hardware platforms – such as the WM8280 Audio Hub solution with integrated audio digital signal processor (DSP) designed for smartphones, tablets and other portable audio devices – and helps to reduce the time-to-market.

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Waves Audio

Waves Audio

Wolfson has partnered with Waves Audio, a world-leading developer of software-based audio signal processing tools, to port its MaxxAudio® Mobile sound processing software onto Wolfson’s WM0011 audio digital signal processor (DSP). This solution helps to bring exceptional audio quality and extended playback time to laptops, tablets and mobile devices.

The partnership integrates Waves MaxxAudio® Mobile sound processing tools, which are based on the same professional tools used in recording studios the world over, onto Wolfson’s advanced WM0011 audio digital signal processor (DSP) to achieve high quality music playback; rich, clear audio that matches the 1080p graphics when watching movies; and dramatically enhanced audio performance from the small speakers of a portable device, while preserving battery life.

Wolfson’s WM0011 dramatically improves audio playback time by enabling the device to manage all audio processing algorithms efficiently and autonomously, allowing the host processor to ‘sleep’ for up to seven out of eight seconds of audio. The WM0011 provides a rich portfolio of audio processing options that can be integrated into a device with no additional software development.

Waves Audio, a recipient of a technical GRAMMY® award, utilises their professional audio processing heard on countless hit records, major motion pictures and top-selling video games, on mobile devices in the form of MaxxAudio® Mobile, delivering outstanding audio performance whether users are watching a movie, listening to music, playing a game online, or using voice communication, enabling users to hear sound the way it was meant to be heard.

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