Software drivers

Product drivers

Wolfson provides an extensive suite of software drivers for its products. Processors supported include Intel/Marvell XScale, Samsung, Freescale and Atmel AT91. Supported operating systems include Microsoft Embedded CE and Windows Mobile. To obtain the latest software revision or to check on the availability of new software and hardware support, please contact your local Wolfson sales office or representative.

Linux drivers

Wolfson also provides Linux software for a number of Wolfson devices. For more information, please go to

AC’97 Audio Products

Wolfson manufactures integrated circuits (ICs) for use within computers and related products. We do not manufacture end equipment. If you have purchased a computer or related product and are looking for software support, please contact the retailer or manufacturer directly.

Evaluation board drivers

Software for Wolfson’s product evaluation boards is available for download from the web site. By downloading software from the Wolfson web site, you agree to the terms of our license agreement. Please read it before downloading.

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