Wolfson Ambient Noise Cancellation: cancelling unwanted noise


Have you ever tried to answer a mobile phone call in a noisy street, crowded restaurant, on a train or a busy airport where the background noise makes it impossible to hear? Well, Wolfson has the answer - Ambient Noise Cancellation (ANC) technology for mobile phones and headsets.

How does it work?

Wolfson's technology monitors the ambient noise at the handset or headset user's location using sensing microphones located inside the mobile phone or inside the ear pad of the headset. From the noise signal picked up by the sensing microphones, Wolfson's ANC technology dynamically creates an inverted version of the noise signal, the cancellation signal; it sums this with the incoming voice signal and plays the combined signal through the mobile phone receiver speaker. The cancellation signal and the real ambient noise signal cancel each other at the user's ear creating a local zone of silence and allowing the user to hear the call regardless of the noisy environment.

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