Wolfson: leading the way in HD Audio


We are all familiar with HD video in consumer technology and its more recent proliferation in mobile markets where users now enjoy high quality video experiences on phones and media players.  Unfortunately the same consideration has not been afforded to audio.  Competing priorities, budget constraints and diminishing speaker size have compromised audio so that it no longer matches the user’s video experience, especially in the mobile context.

Recent marketing activity by mobile operators suggests that a HD audio experience is being demanded by consumers, making it a clear point of differentiation for those manufacturers who can provide it within schedule and on budget.  To meet this growing demand, Wolfson has unveiled its vision for pure High Definition (HD) Audio which aims to overcome these limitations.

Wolfson's industry-leading Audio Hubs, Audio Digital Signal Processors (DSPs), audio enhancing software algorithms combined with its innovative range of products including micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS) microphones, enable Wolfson to provide exceptional HD Audio solutions, resulting in an audio experience that is better than CD quality. With audio enhancements such as noise cancellation, echo cancellation, beam forming, surround sound, multiband compression and speaker expansion, crystal-clear audio quality is delivered regardless of the use cases involved, enabling users to communicate, listen to or record the highest clarity, HD Audio in any environment.

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