Wolfson’s new Ez2 software feature collection takes full advantage of the recent integration of powerful Audio Digital Signal Processors (DSPs) within Wolfson’s leading Audio Hubs, to dramatically improve the user audio experience in mobile applications.

Having converted the audio signal from the analogue to the digital domain, the sound can be processed using Ez2 software algorithms running on the Audio DSP, to enhance the audio quality. The algorithm combination is specific to each Ez2 software product, and is selected to best enhance the audio in the situation for which that software feature specialises.

Algorithms are available to reduce or remove unwanted noise and echo, amplify lower frequency sound, maximise volume without overloading speakers, and even provide stereo widening so that the playback audio appears to be surround sound. This software allows Wolfson to work with our customers to design audio solutions that differentiate their products, particularly smartphones and tablet computers, in the market place. 

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