WM2200: Handset earpiece driver with Wolfson ambient noise cancellation


The WM2200 is a low power mobile CODEC with enhanced Wolfson Ambient Noise Cancellation (ANC). It is ideal for mobile telephony applications, providing enhanced voice communication quality for near-end and far-end handset users.

The Wolfson  technology effectively reduces both stationary and non-stationary background noise. Noise reduction can be applied to receive (RX) audio paths.

The WM2200 is suitable for narrowband and wideband voice call applications, with direct connection from analogue or digital microphones. It can also be interfaced to baseband processors with either analogue or digital voice TX/RX signals.

The Wolfson  ANC processor implements an enhanced filtering algorithm to consistently deliver the optimum noise cancellation performance. The function is supported using two or more microphone input channels.

The RX Noise reduction improves received voice intelligibility by reducing residual noise received from the far-end user during a phone call.

The WM2200 digital core provides extensive capability for programmable signal processing algorithms. Equalisation and application-specific filters can be implemented.

The integrated earpiece driver connects directly to the receiver earpiece in a differential (BTL) configuration. Speakerphone applications can be supported using the integrated digital speaker (PDM) interface and an external PDM-input speaker amplifier.

The device can be powered from a 1.8V external supply. An integrated FLL provides support for a wide range of external clock frequencies. The WM2200 is configured using a standard 2-wire serial control interface. Fully differential internal architecture and on-chip RF noise filters ensure a very high degree of noise immunity.


  • Programmable DSP
    - Wolfson adaptive ambient noise cancellation
    - Receive-path noise reduction
    - Wind noise management
    - Sidetone and other programmable filters
    - Audio enhancements and voice processing functions
  • Audio inputs
    - Up to 6 analogue or digital microphone inputs
    - Single-ended or differential analogue microphone input
    - Line input support (single-ended or differential)
  • Earpiece output driver
    - Differential (BTL) drive configuration
    - Integrated Charge Pump for ground referenced output
    - Dual outputs
    - Hearing Aid Coil support
    - Pop suppression functions
    - -75dB THD+N at 20mW into 32Ω load
    - 96dB SNR (DAC to earpiece playback, A-weighted)
  • Digital speaker (PDM) interface for speakerphone supportDigital audio interface for RX/TX baseband processor
    - 8kHz and 16kHz sample rates
  • Flexible system clocking
    - Dual clock input (MCLK1, MCLK2)
    - Frequency Locked Loop for wide range of input clock reference frequencies, including down to 32kHz.
  • Configurable functions on 4 GPIO pins
  • Integrated power management
    - Two Charge Pumps and 2 LDO Regulators
    - Support for single 1.8V supply operation
  • 110-ball W-CSP package (5.034 x 4.717 x 0.603 mm)

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