WM8533: Stereo charge pump DAC with ground Ref 2.1Vrms line driver


The WM8533 is a stereo DAC with integral charge pump and software control interface. This provides 2Vrms line driver outputs using a 3.3V power supply rail.

The device features ground-referenced outputs and the use of a DC servo to eliminate the need for line driving coupling capacitors and effectively eliminate power on pops and clicks.

The device is controlled and configured either via the I2C/SPI compliant serial control interface or a hardware control interface.

The device supports all common audio sampling rates between 8kHz and 192kHz using all common MCLK / fs ratios. Master and slave modes are available and de-emphasis is also supported.

The WM8533 has a 1.8 to 3.3V tolerant digital interface, allowing logic up to 3.3V to be connected.

The device is available in a 1.842 x 1.772mm 20-ball WCSP.


  • High performance stereo DAC with ground referenced line driver
  • Audio performance
    -  106dB SNR ('A-weighted')
    -  -89dB THD @ -1dBFS
  • Digital volume control ranging from -100dB to +12dB
  • 120dB mute attenuation
  • All common sample rates from 8kHz to 192kHz supported
  • I2C/SPI compatible and hardware control modes
  • Data formats: LJ, RJ, I2S, DSP
  • De-emphasis supported
  • Maximum 1mV DC offset on line outputs
  • Pop/click suppressed power up/down sequencer
  • AVDD and LINEVDD +3.3V ±10% allowing single supply
  • DBVDD supply supports +1.8V or +3.3V digital I/O
  • 1.842 x 1.772mm 20-ball WCSP