Wolfson Evaluation Software

Wolfson's advanced evaluation software helps you evaluate Wolfson devices and develop and debug Wolfson devices in your applications.

The innovative Wolfson Interactive Setup and Configuration Environment (WISCE™) has been developed in conjunction with both hardware and software driver engineers to help you bring your system to market sooner.

WISCE� screen shot

WISCE™ connects to the evaluation board over USB and provides a unique interactive register map interface. This interface provides unprecedented control and overview of the settings of the device. WISCE™ offers the following key benefits:

  • Evaluation board connects via USB, providing an instant evaluation environment
  • Colour coded settings provide an instant overview of the status of the device
  • Direct manipulation of device settings allows a natural interaction
  • Sequences of operations can be saved and reloaded, allowing past settings to be restored instantly, and providing a reference when developing software to control the device in your application
  • Stored sequences of operations can be converted directly to C code for your drivers, allowing scenarios to be developed, debugged and optimised on the evaluation board then imported directly into your application software

WISCE™ gives you a single evaluation environment for all your Wolfson devices. Once you have installed WISCE™, you can install as many device packs as you require. Each pack will integrate with WISCE™ and add support for a specific device.

Download evaluation software

Software for Wolfson’s product evaluation boards is available for download from the web site. By downloading software from the Wolfson web site, you agree to the terms of our licence agreement. Please read it before downloading.

You need two components: WISCE™ (the main application) and the Device Pack for your evaluation board.

Click here to download WISCE™ Install Kit. To download a Device Pack select an evaluation board from the list below:

If your evaluation board is not listed, please contact Applications Support

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