Wolfson: say yes to great audio


End-users now have a vast array of choice when it comes to portable devices, yet many of these offerings have similar audio capabilities which don’t match the high standards of video and processing power.  Device manufacturers are also under pressure to differentiate phone and tablet products from their competitors whilst keeping costs low and time to market short.  We at Wolfson think that high-definition audio is a key area for any differentiation strategy, providing manufacturers and operators with an efficient way to make their device stand out from the crowd.

Take a look through the Wolfson suite of products, all under the audio hub banner, and see how we can make a difference with great audio. 

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  • Power Management

    Power Management

    Saves space and power, driving down power usage while delivering high performance audio and functionality. This enables products with a rich consumer experience to be created and produces an optimised solution in terms of cost, size, power consumption and audio quality.

  • AMPS


    Amplify low power audio signals to a level suitable for speakers in end-user devices aswell as ensuring excellent audio quality in consumer devices.

  • DSP (Digital Signal processing)

    DSP (Digital Signal Processing)

    Allows manufacturers of smartphones, tablet PCs and TVs to integrate their own hardware components and build individual solutions that support an extensive range of key use cases.

  • Sound Enhancement (SE)

    Sound Enhancement (SE)

    Enables innovative active noise cancellation, sound enhancement and 3D sound in combination with high performance, low power audio across a wide range of consumer electronic applications.

  • Video


    HD video has developed quickly along with other technology advancements and is now commonplace in consumer products, especially the mobile markets where users now enjoy high quality video experiences on phones and media players. Wolfson think that HD audio should always accompany HD video.

  • MICs


    Delivering a combination of performance and compact form factor (allowing multiple microphones to be a used in a wide range of consumer devices), our MICs enable advanced features such as speech recognition, directional sensitivity and noise cancellation.

  • ANC


    Monitors the ambient noise at the handset or headset user's location and rapidly produces a cancellation signal, creating a local zone of silence that allows the user to hear a phone call regardless of environment.

  • Software


    Supports the integration of hardware into end users devices, facilitating complicated and intricate uses within a single device.

  • Audio Hubs

    Audio Hubs

    Controls all the different audio signal paths and optimally manages the complex world of multiple concurrent use cases. The Wolfson audio hub Delivers cost effective ways for manufacturers to integrate audio-enhancing components and give their devices that audio edge.

  • Audio


    A high definition audio experience is now being demanded by consumers, making it a clear point of differentiation for those manufacturers who can provide it. Wolfson is meeting this growing global demand.